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Camp Accounting, Inc. was founded in 2012 to fill the void of accounting training. Many business minded people use an accounting software, such as Quickbooks or Peachtree, without really understanding what the software is doing “in the background.” We believe once you truly understand the basics of accounting, the software that you use (regardless of which kind) will make more sense and ultimately your focus will be on the reports and not the day to day transactions.

Camp Accounting has an allegiance to the entrepreneurial spirit and want its Campers to understand their financial reports and position in order to make sound decisions about the growth of their business. (Note: Camp Accounting is not a CPA firm nor does it offer any tax advice.)

“Accounting is boring…”

…But it doesn’t have to be. We know the view of accounting is cold, boring, monotonous, and lonely-to most business owners.

For hundreds of years accounting has been the means to tell a company’s story: how it started, how it is sustaining, and its potential to grow in the future. Accounting has also been taught the same way for hundreds of years using the sterile formula: Assets = Liabilities + Equity, part of Generally Accepting Accounting Principles.

Camp Accounting, a four-hour training program, is going to change that view using the familiar theme of camping and guiding fellow “campers” through a new accounting model called Diamond Tree.

The extraordinary result of Camp Accounting is that Campers acquire knowledge they can share with others, making it a skill that is easily transferable to their schooling or business.

Camp Accounting
11284 Westminster Ave, #234
Garden Grove, CA 92843