Why Camp Accounting

Through exercises, diagrams, case studies, and group discovery, Camp Accounting takes detailed information and breaks it down into thoughtful processes that are digestible and applicable. With the use of the AT Map, campers can easily navigate around both reports! This creates a level of excitement and understanding Campers never thought possible about accounting.

The extraordinary result of Camp Accounting is Campers acquire knowledge they can apply to any company and share what they learned with others, making it a skill that is easily transferable to their business and their circle of influence.

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Why Accounting is Important?

Is your view of accounting cold, boring and a time-soaking chore to you, the business owner? Maybe you feel there seems to be no real purpose except the day to day transactions and balancing the checkbook, trying to keep money in the bank.

As an entrepreneur you are creating your company’s story while juggling many responsibilities. Being a good steward of your company’s money and resources is a priority but you find yourself searching for financial answers. Even though the accounting data in the software is organized, you are unsure of the story the reports are telling you. So you find yourself again just grinding through the day to day not   knowing accounting’s true value.

But there is great value in understanding accounting (and its reports) once you have discovered its intrinsic meaning.

Accounting is a means to tell your company’s story; it has a history, a beginning, a middle, and if your company is not doing well, your story will end and we don’t want that.